To deliver activities in Southwark, we are looking for creative and committed volunteers. AUKLS offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities on our website: www.ageuk.org.uk/lewsihamandsouthwark

The Communities Living Well are currently recruiting for the following activities :

  • Meditation/Relaxation
  • Pop In café information for over 50 years and most of everything time to share experience and life story
  • Elevenses Hilton Hotel different activities every month
  • Information Session Dementia Friends
  • FoodArt
  • Conversation Exchange English/Spanish
  • Conversation Exchange English/French
  • Book club
  • Short Stories writing/reading workshop
  • Old remedies and Ointments workshop
  • Music groups
  • laughter Therapy

To request an application pack contact Claire on living.well@ageuklands.org.uk or 020 7358 4079

Without volunteers our activities would not be the same!

Thank you to our past and current Communities Living Well volunteers:

Aoife (Graphic Designer)

Axel (Graphic Designer)

Elizabeth (Aromatherapy)

Emily (Latin American Elders Group – FULA)

Enrique (Latin American Elders Group – FULA)

Helen (Latin American Elders Group – FULA)

Jenny (French/English language exchange)

Julia (Latin American Elders Group – FULA)

Judit (FoodArt)

Marisel (Latin American Elders Group – FULA)

Mark (Mobile phone support – Cyprus Turkish elders association – SCTA)

Monica (Spanish/English Language exchange)

Rohan (Mobile phone support)Viviana (Latin American Elders Group – FULA)



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