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Calendar of Activities July/August 15 #CommunitiesLivingWell #StayCool this Summer @lb_southwark

Stay Cool this Summer with our activities and Summer Health Promotion Programme. Follow the Key messages: Shut windows and pull down the shades when it is hotter outside. If it’s safe, open them for ventilation when it is cooler Avoid the heat: stay out of the sun and don’t go out between 11am and 3pm(the … Continue reading

June 2015 #Free activities – Join a group and celebrate Summer with us @lb_southwark

Ready for May and the Sunshine – Communities Living Well #Activities

        Hoping to celebrate the sunshine with our members in May and looking for people interested in a French / English language exchange to start again so we can use the say “En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait” (Do as you wish in May) Come along for activities!

#CommunitiesLivingWell Calendar of activities for #Over50s in #Southwark @cc_lewisham

What did you learn in #Aromatherapy last February @FHT_Org

Newsletter from our volunteer in Aromatherapy Aromasticks Aromasticks are small inhalers which you can carry with you to as an effective and invaluable way to experience the therapeutic power of essential oils whenever you need it. They have a small absorbent pad for a few drops of essential oil contained in a tube with small … Continue reading

March is coming! And #Springtime as well, here is the new calendar of free activities of #CommunitiesLivingWell #over50s

#Over50s Activities for February is Online with #Zumba @MayorOfLondon @CocaCola_GB @LDN_gov

calender-feb-2015 Join our Zumba class or Yoga, It’s free and accessible to all over 50s! Very soon we will also start mobile device support. If you have any question on how to use your mobile and tablet, there will be a place for improving your knowledge and help you to enjoy using new device! for … Continue reading

#FreeSport Zumba for over 50s starts today at the #WhiteHorsePeckham

Today is our first session of zumba for older bodies. We receive many calls from #Streetlife members interested in joining our group. Enquiries were regarding the accessibility: so here is the answer… Our Zumba instructor has been recruited by Maloca and she will adapt the pace and the exercise to your needs. Southwark Disable Association … Continue reading

Pre-Christmas Celebration @CreationSE17

Thank you to Sarah, Patrischia and Wilson for supporting our activity group through the Auntumn!! The group is getting more structured and everyone brings its skills to it ans to offer a friendly social activity every Tuesday afternoon in Aylesbury Estate.

#Activities Dec. 2014 – Jan. 2015 – @AgeUKLS

here is our Communities Living Well activities for this winter!! We hope ou enjoy it and do no hesitate to call us for more information on 020 7358 4079. calendar-dec2014-jan2015 post by Claire

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