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in 2015 Get to know more about the People we work with! #CommunitiesLivingWell

This January 2015, we will dedicate our first post to ATD Fourth World, the UK branch based in South London. They are achieving an incredible work mainly advocating for the most vulnerable individuals that we forget are living very close to us.

The UK branch has done an incredible work of collection of information led by the members themselves. the whole data has been the canalised by a social project called The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of People in Povertya full-colour publication, exhibition and multimedia project published by ATD Fourth World in partnership with London-based photographer and artist Eva Sajovic.

We (AGE UK) wrote in our Christmas post about Seamus and Georgina two of the participants of The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of People in Poverty. This book, exhibition and interactive multimedia project draws upon a new collection of photographic portraits, self-written biographies and video interviews, in order to highlight the efforts of vulnerable and excluded families in the UK, validate their achievements and challenge the negative attitudes often held towards them. Seamus and Georgina each have their own page on the site and the in the book (http://therolesweplay.co.uk/Seamus and http://therolesweplay.co.uk/Georgina). And, we are very lucky to have encountered Georgina and Seamus through our Communities Living Well activities.

They have demonstrated to all of us at AUKLS and our partner Hilton Docklands Riverside Hotel, how much each individual can bring to our groups and make them a bit more independent and self-sufficient.


photo of Allison Winegarden form the Hilton between Georgina and Seamus with ATD Fourth World members


About AgeUKLS

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark provide a wide range of services to support older people's independence and wellbeing. As you grow older there are many factors in life that can become challenging. We aim to support the needs of the most vulnerable, socially excluded and isolated older members of the community. We do this by delivering a range of preventative solutions to negate potential emotional, financial and physical challenges that may accompany ageing. We support thousands of older people who are challenged with issues including illness, poverty as well as poor physical health and wellbeing. We also support people who are isolated and suffer from mental health distress such as depression or alcohol dependency. We can supply people with knowledge about the services and benefits entitled to them.


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