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Elevenses #2 BeauTea Time

Collage_Elevenses 2

We were lucky to be warmly welcomed today by the Events Manager Allison and some volunteers from the HIlton’s Team at the Hilton Docklands Riverside Hotel.


Staff were ready to go and excited of the idea of taking care of our guests. They provided nail painting and shoe shining to our members.
Everybody was very impressed by the set up of the room, with a Tea/Coffee space with pastries and a basket of fresh fruits, the nail painting corner and dozens of different colours, next to which were two chairs with shoe polishing kits ready to be opened, Round tables were displayed giving a very warm ambiance where guests sat down and met up with new members.


Ladies arrived early to enjoy a nice hand treatment before having a chat around tea and cakes. Glen, put in confidence by the staff, took the time to catch up with current news while his shoes were taken care of!


As usual, there was time to get to know each other, welcome the new members to the activity…and after one hour, new friendship had started and meetings to other activities had been made to go together for some cycling with Wheels for WEllbeing and join Claire on Friday at Morrisons’ Pop In Café Nicky had set up her best music list to make us move and want more of it! So it is decided, next time we will have a Soup’n Roll, and she will prepare us one of her best choregraphy that we will perfom after a light lunch. We all look forward to it!


About AgeUKLS

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark provide a wide range of services to support older people's independence and wellbeing. As you grow older there are many factors in life that can become challenging. We aim to support the needs of the most vulnerable, socially excluded and isolated older members of the community. We do this by delivering a range of preventative solutions to negate potential emotional, financial and physical challenges that may accompany ageing. We support thousands of older people who are challenged with issues including illness, poverty as well as poor physical health and wellbeing. We also support people who are isolated and suffer from mental health distress such as depression or alcohol dependency. We can supply people with knowledge about the services and benefits entitled to them.


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